Geek Montreal

Geek Montreal is a group of folks into sharing stuff that is for free and for fun and generally celebrate all that is geeky and good in Montreal, including: board gaming, roleplaying games, comic books, crafts, fantasy/sci-fi fiction, the occult, manga, computer games, detective novels, stamp collecting, alternative computer systems and pretty much anything else we tend to have odd fascinations for. At the moment, the main thing Geek Montreal is up to is holding the monthly Geek OUT! board-games-and-crafts meetup at Burritoville, 2055b Bishop street, south of Sherbrooke, across the street from Concordia University. The dates for this spring's Geek OUT!s are: Saturday Jan 18, Feb 15, Mar 15, and Apr 19, 2014.

Things get going as of 2 PM until around 8 after which we head on over to Brutopia for socializing. The Geek OUT!s are for free and for fun. For info on what workshops-presentations will be held, join us on Facebook.

Here's a video our bud Michael shot a few years ago that'll give you an idea of what the Geek OUT!s are about.